T S 3 B O O T E R . N E T

With us solutions you get the most amplification power!

Let the power be with you!

Why choose us?

because we are one of the best IP Stressers in the network and we can meet all expectations of our clients.

We also know the market perfectly in this industry and know what our clients expect

About Us

About Us

Our organization is engaged in writing scripts, programs, Api and others in the IT area.

Mainly We programmed in C++, PHP, Perl, Python.

Industry in which we work is stress testing, penetration testing and other order.

We're also making software for testing servers and Internet networks.

Highest quality

Our products are of the highest quality and come many tests.

Clean Code

We make a clean code and free of errors, so that products have a very high efficiency.


TS3BOOTER organization produces only stable solution, there is no bullshit.


The solution created by our organization are the best, we strive to get the best performance.



Our organization provides services in the art programming. Performance stress testing and improving existing solutions. Research networks and performance testing. Other job in a similar specialization.

Stress testing

You are not sure about the capabilities of our Stresser? Buy a trial and check our power!.

Cheap price

You don't have enough money to feel a hacker? Redemption at our low-cost service with high power.

Helpful Tools

We have useful tools such as IP geolocation, IP Loger, TeamSpeak SRV, domain and CloudFare resolver.

The Team

The Team

Below the main part of our team, that creates our organization. We also offer the possibility to join our team, just contact us.



Our Clients

Our Clients

Customers using our ddos ​​API (Reselling) coming soon

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to write us and our team will help you. We also offer custom solutions, and other methods.